How exactly does the Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® training program upgrades the manager’s performance?

Attention and focus

Business performance places heavy demands on the brain to focus while simultaneously ignoring distracting stimuli. While different tasks place different demands on the brain overall, Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI ® improves the manager’s ability to stay on task while maintaining a high level of brain function.

Improves emotional controls

One of the most difficult aspects of being an efficient manager is the ability to perform without being influenced by emotional triggers. Anxiety over a big upcoming Board meeting or the pressure to perform to high standards can negatively influence how a manager performs.

The Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® training stabilizes mood and emotional perception, including the perception and ability to cope with stress, making moments of high demand easier to manage emotionally. Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI ® also decreases distractibility caused by these emotions so an efficient manager can keep focus on the task at hand for prolonged periods of time.

Direct effects of Improvement of Emotional Control that have been clinically observed include:

  • Increase performance in “Flow”
  • Maintain mental focus when fatigued
  • Enhance skills and performance
  • Execute faster and better
  • Bettering accuracy
  • Greater relaxation to improve psychological and muscle healing
  • Improve mental and physical fitness and strength
  • Ability to focus through intense stress episodes
  • Mastering new tasks and material more quickly
  • Reducing personal discipline problems

Slows cognitive decline

As a manager ages, the brain naturally begins to decline in certain areas, such as memory. Just as a person must exercise the body to keep in prime physical shape, fitness for the brain is also necessary to keep the brain functioning at its best. The Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® training program acts as this exercise for the brain to maintain its highest ability. As a manager ages, performance quality does not weaken as it naturally would, as the brain stays in peak condition.

Improve sleep

A manager’s sleep directly influences how it performs any task during the day, whether it be intellectual or physical performance. Managers need recuperative, restorative sleep to maintain brain health. Sleep also assists in the healing process, helping to keep the manager in the best physical and mental health possible. The Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® training has been proven to improve the quality and depth of sleep, which directly benefits a manager’s performance.

Restores Brain function after intens stress episodes

Managers suffer from intense stress episodes due to the nature of business. Brain injury can occur in one single incident or in less severe yet repetitive incidences, such as when a manager undergoes increased levels of stress for days or weeks on end.

Due to brain injury, difficulties arise in areas such as attention, emotional control, balance control, impulse control, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even seizures. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s natural ability to reorganize itself by creating new neural networks and correcting already existing connections. Thanks to neuroplasticity, The Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® training is able to teach the brain to function normally once again, even if it has been many years since the initial injury.

The Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® training protocols used on the managers under study at the Neuro Performance Enhancement Research Center ®, increased the amplitude of the monitoring component of Event Related Potentials generated in the anterior cingulate cortex, accompanied by an increase in beta activity over the medial prefrontal cortex. Taking these changes together, it can be concluded that that even 10 sessions of The Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® training in a high performance brain can significantly activate the prefrontal cortical areas associated with increasing confidence in business contexts.

Corporate Professionals who achieve peak performance often have one thing in common: They have the ability to focus entirely on the objectives they want to achieve.

Corporate Professionals who achieve peak performance often have one thing in common: They have the ability to focus entirely on the objectives they want to achieve.

The results of using the Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® training program in the specific corporate context are associated with the following behaviors:

Flexible, focused attention and mental clarity

No fear of failure, a kind of positive inhibition

Performance combined with the feeling of relaxed ease

Positive control of emotions

Increased intuition, expanded awareness

High levels of creativity

Increased mental energy regarding pressure to perform

Faster decision-making

Appreciating your own decisions

Increased memory performance

Self-regulation plays a vital role in enhancing human performance. The “Neuro Enhancement” training program using the BM-BCI® Brain Mapping – Brain Computer Interface technology is a scientifically proven, highly efficient, non-invasive approach for efficiently and risk-free conditioning the human brain oscillation.

The highly innovative neuro-training method is successfully used by Fortune 500 companies all over the world in developing and enhancing skills for self-regulation of brain activity with outstanding results in real life, in both personal and business contexts.