Our services

Our services

Which steps must be followed?

First Meet

We start the evaluation process together.

Step 1

We identify together the elements of symptomatology and create a narrative that includes all the key factors, with a decisive role in generating the dysfunctional context.

Brain Mapping

We make a brain map

Step 2

EEG data is constantly sent to a high-performance software while the subject is training.


Brain Mapping - Brain Computer Interface.

Step 3

Based on the complex information collected, we are developing together with colleagues from the USA a personalized neural training protocol based on the identified dysfunctions.

Monitoring The Progress

We provide you a free app mobile of monitoring, through which the customer's evolution is evaluated every day.

step 4

Our TO application developed especially for the Center’s clients, helps us to understand the global evolution of the client and to adapt the therapy to the contextual factors.

Our prices

The price of a Brain Map is 300

The price of a BM-BCI training session is 250

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